Rep Pennue Linked To Issuance Voter Registration Cards To Over 850 Foreigners – GNN Investigation uncovers

Representative Zoe Emmanuel Punnue

Information gathered by the GNN has uncovered how Grand Gedeh County  District # 1 Representative, Zoe Emmanuel Pennue  is reportedly linked to the illegal issuance of voter registration cards to people believed to be hundreds of foreigners in Grand Gedeh County to enable him capture the County’s senatorial seat in the pending midterm December 8 elections.

According to our investigation, documents in GNN possession showed over 850 Fulanis have allegedly been given voter registration cards in order to allow them  vote in his favor during the upcoming midterm senatorial election in Grand Gedeh County, a situation that pondered many who were interviewed by our Correspondent in the County.

“It is unbelievable to see what is happening in our county today for foreigners to be issued voters’ registration cards, like what is currently taken place concerning hundreds of foreigners; particularly Fulanis in the County have been issued voters’ registration cards allegedly by Representative Zoe Emmanuel Pennue. The National Elections Commission must hear this; it is illegal,” a resident in Zwedru, Grand Gedeh County told our staff in an exclusive interview.

Another issued been raised by concerned Grand Gedeans who also spoke to the GNN is the appointment of Mr. Arthur C. Y. Duogee, National Elections Commission Magistrate assigned in the County who is also an executive member of the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC).

It is also been alleged that Magistrate Duogee is in the know and receive names and photographs and other personal date of would-be voters collection allegedly by Representative Zone Emmanuel Pennue’s operatives, process them using National Elections Commission  (NEC) materials, including issuance of voter registration cards.

This information according to our source, is then inserted into NEC’s database/system, also in our possession is sample list of Fulanis residing in Zwedru and NEC 2017 Provisional Registration Roll for polling centers: 15056, 15058, 15069 and 15061.

With all of the information, GNN made contact with Representative Emmanuel Zoe Pennue to ascertain the facts regarding the allegation leveled against via mobile phone, and even visited his Capitol Building office with no avail.

When our staff contacted the National Elections Commission (NEC), as to the role of Mr. Arthur C. Y. Duogee in the allegation of him being a partisan of the ruling CDC, and at the same time as Senior Magistrate of Grand Gedeh County, the  spokesman of the NEC, Henry Flomo in a telephone chat said the Commission has what he called explicit confidence in Magistrate Duogee, noting that the NEC is not aware of he (Duogee) to be a partisan of the CDC.

Investigation continues.

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