LIBERIA: PUL Coordinator In Grand Kru County Craves For Journalists Safety In The County

From Emmanuel S. Koffa |GNN Correspondent |Grand Kru County |

The Coordinator of the Press Union of Liberia (PUL) in Grand Kru County has called on authority of the County to take what he called ‘Harsh’ actions on on individuals who may be found to prompt violence amid the ongoing electoral fraud around the country.

James Myking Suah speaking on a local radio station in the County, said  “There are reported attacks on journalists and we think that this wave of violence that is permeating in our country is uncontrollable and if nothing is done to arrest the situation it shall undermine the electoral procedure.”

According to him, journalists need not to become frightened to stop them from exposing the ills in the society.

He added that the current electoral process is fully being monitored by journalists who are using all of the methodologies of reporting to sufficiently inform the public.

Meanwhile, in wake of constant electoral violence permeating in Liberia, especially during this pending midterm senatorial election, the Press Union of Liberia (PUL) coordinator in Grand Kru has called on local Government officials and the central governments of Liberia to ensure that safety of journalists across Grand Kru.

Myking Suah maintained that, Liberians are expected to roll out for the polls come December 8, 2020 to elect 15 senators from the various counties to represent their constituents in the Legislature.

The election also coincides with a referendum that called for the amendment of certain provisions of the country’s constitution.

The PUL coordinator of Grand Kru has also called religious leaders, stakeholders, political and to get involved in putting to an end the increasing violence describing in the country.

James Suah statement comes in the wake of police authority in Grand Kru County for allegedly accusing him been braved by miners in the county.

He further mentioned that what is so forbidding is that security forces who should provide protection for the citizens failed to perform their duties accordingly.

“And what is very scary is that the security of our country is there to provide security for the citizens and are not doing so,” he said.

As reporters in Grand Kru always been address in public areas by some authorities, James Myking Suah wormed individuals departments that are in the constant habit of accusing journalists by addressing them in the street to desist with immediate effect.

Myking Suah therefore used the occasion to call on the National Elections Commission (NEC) to establish procedures to ensure that politicians do not go ahead to campaign without the predetermined schedule.

“The NEC has not opened campaign officially and it is discovered that some politicians’ actions are instigating instability,” he stated.

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