LIBERIA: President Weah Nullifies LMHPRA Boss Dismissal By Senator Saah Joseph

Mr. David Sumo

The Liberian leader, President George Manneh Weah who is also the head of the executive branch of the Liberian government and has the appointing or dismissing powers for those working with the executive has with immediate nullified the dismissal of the Managing Director at Liberia Medicines and Health Products Regulatory Authority (LMHPRA), Mr. David Sumo, according state radio, ELBC news aired on Wednesday evening.

Recently it was reported that the LMHPRA boss was ordered dismissed and handover administration to his human resource manager by Montserrado County Senator Saah Joseph who is not clothed with any authority to dismiss any member of the executive; this situation drew the attention of many including some members of the donor community in the health sector.

However, source closed to the GNN, disclosed that Senator Joseph’s action was allegedly aimed at aided some of his friends in the sector who report said were doing things illegally by importing fake medicines and other health related products into the country, a situation that did not go down well with the LMHPRA boss.

GNN investigation has further discovered that some of these importers are said to be in closed contact with the Senator; using him as their cover-up  in order them to continue bringing into the country these unhealthy medicines and health products that are effecting the lager population due to the lack of control.

Speaking to the GNN, some Liberians and donor experts who spoke on the unilaterally dismissal of Mr. Sumo who has always been on the frontline in getting rid unhealthy health products on the Liberian markets by Senator Saah Joseph are questioning his role.

“Saah Joseph is not in the executive but rather he is a legislator why should he dismiss someone who is an appointee of the President. Is this how this government will run?” a concerned Liberian in the health sector who refused to be named wondered.

Some experts in the donor community are also wondering as to why such decision was taken, grading David Sumo as one of those who worked hard in bringing sanity to the Liberian health sector, especially when he took up time to making sure that unhealthy health products are not brought into the country.

Regarding the decision of the President to nullify the dismissal of Mr. Sumo has being welcomed by many Liberians who spoke to the GNN, and further lauding for the move.

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