LIBERIA: Police Clears President Weah’s Project Coordinator Of $5M Alleged Bribes From South African Investors   

Police in Monrovia has cleared Makenneh L Keita,  the Special Presidential Project Coordinator to president George Weah from allegations of soliciting Five Million United States Dollars from some South African who came to Liberia with the hope of investing in the country’s mineral sector in 2021.

Addressing a news conference Tuesday March 22,2022, Police Spokesman, Moses Carter, disclose the report of Madam Keita after months of investigation by members of the Liberia National Police into the alleged allegation actions.

According to Mr. Carter, the police commenced a “full-scale” investigation in September of 2021 into allegations of bribery involving the head of the Special Presidential Project, Madam Keita who was alleged to have been involved with soliciting millions of US dollars from the South African company.

The Special Presidential Project head was alleged to have invited the South African investors without the knowledge of her bosses at the Executive Mansion.

Predicated upon the investigation and coupled with allegation of soliciting bribe, the Police Spokesman said a full scale investigation was set up by police investigators to establish the facts.

According to him, persons of interest were spoken to including Lawrence J. Saydee, Chief Executive Officer of the Kenneh Group of Companies International and Amos Diggs business Manager of the Special Presidential Project at the Executive Mansion.

Police spokesperson Carter said based upon the investigation conducted and face-to-face interviews with persons of interest, the investigation unearthed that Makenneh Keita was not linked to any solicitation of bribe as it was earlier alleged.

But Special Presidential Project Business Manager linked so soliciting bribe

However, the police investigation linked two suspects, one of them from the Special Presidential Project to soliciting bribe. The individuals are Lawrence Saydee, Chief Executive Officer of the Kenneh Group of Companies International and Amos Diggs, business manager of the Special Presidential Project.

Although the police investigation didn’t establish any probable cause linking Madam Keita to the alleged crime of solicitation of bride, the investigation recommended for administrative action to be taken against her for acting outside her line of duty by inviting or going into arrangements with a South African company without the knowledge of her bosses.

Two others, Christian Herbert and Mamadee Keita and Dolleh Karto were also exonerated by the investigation from the allegation.

Police investigators who handled the Special Presidential Project probe are Rafell Wilson and Alex Neray from the Crime Services Division.

Meanwhile, the police investigators have therefore resolved to charge Lawrence Sayee and Amos Diggs with the crime of Criminal attempt to commit theft of property, bribery, criminal solicitation and conspiracy. These acts are in violation of Chapter 12 section 12.50, 10.3 and 10.4 of the revised penal code of the Republic of Liberia for allegedly soliciting bribe.

The Police say the two suspects are expected to be forwarded to court.

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