LIBERIA: Over 8,000 Girls  Children Denied Education, Forcefully Initiated Into ‘Secret Society’

According to report from Nimba County, over  Eight Thousand School-going Children have forcefully been initiated into secret Sende society in the county as County authority arrests two zoes link to the act

The children had gone to their parents to get prepared for 2022/2023 school year when they were arrested by members of the secret sende society members.

The practice is reportedly taking place in the 19 administrative districts of Nimba County.

Nimba County Inspector Mack Gblinwon confirmed the arrest of two zoes mainly Women and mandated them to get the children out of the bush school.

Since government announced that traditional practices mainly Sende Society should be reduced, it seems that such mandate is yet to be observed in Nimba County, as children of school going ages have left school only to attend the traditional school.

Source: OK FM Liberia

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