Liberia Officially Signs Transmission Services Agreement With Transco CLGG As Stable Electricity Expected Soon

By: Julius Konton

The electricity deficit normally faced by Liberia during the rainy season will shortly become history following the official signing of the Transmission services agreement between Liberia through the Liberia Electricity Corporation ande high-level signing ceremony which took place on Wednesday October 26, 2022 in Abidjan, according to the general Manager of Transco CLSG Mohammad Sherif marked another breakthrough in their operations.

The initiative he stated will help boost energy market, regional trade and integration as well as the improvement of economies of the respective CLSG Countries.

” Through this process, the people unlike before will get stable, and affordable access to electricity”, he said.

He stressed that with the recent signing of the power purchase agreement on October 21, 2022, Liberia has now sealed the deal to receive electricity which the people have hunger for over the past years.

The Wednesday signing ceremony of the TSA means, Liberia has now joined Sierra Leone and Guinea on the CLSG line, he told the gathering.

He boosted that with the cordial relationship and cooperation from all stakeholders involved in the sector, they were able to achieve such milestone.

President Julius Maalabao of Sierra Leone in December of 2021 switched on the CLSG line as the happy  beneficiaries, the people of Sierra Leone  danced and celebrated for such milestone and I can also assure you that in December of 2022, President George Weah will switch on an unimpeded and affordable access to electricity in Liberia”, he disclosed.

Also speaking at the signing ceremony was the Board Chair of the Liberia Electricity Corporation Monie Captain who thanked the Presidents of the two Countries for their vision and support toward the realization of the project.

He pointed out that the critical infrastructure pave the way for further integration of the West African Power Pool Countries in the formation of a regional energy market.

Mr. Captain was also quick to commend the World Bank, the African Development Bank, the European Investment Bank and KLW for their support toward the project.

“Transco CLSG is ours, therefore , we are obligated to fully support it in order to ensure its sustainability and service to our respective Countries”, he noted.

The LEC boss at the same time encourage his counterparts to work in ensuring that the challenges that CLSG will be faced with can be addressed among them.

“Let’s ensure that Transco CLSG is adequately financed, well managed and governed and we must work to ensure that we pay for the services that will be rendered to us”, he maintained.

Meanwhile, the signing ceremony was witnessed by key actors and stakeholders in the sector including Liberia’s Finance and Development Planning Minister Samuel D. Tweah and Mines and Energy Minister Gesler Murray

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