LIBERIA: Nyekanbo Community lacks latrines, open defecation has become the order of the day

From E. Varney Kamah, GNN Correspondent, Maryland County*

What is believed to be a terrible situation is the lack of latrines to be used by residents of the Nyekanbo Community in Harper district, Maryland County as many are using the open defecation to ease themselves.

This densely populated community is situated along the Hoffman River, as residents of this community depend on fishing in the very river for survivor. In an exclusive interview with the Chairperson of the community, Mr. Patrick Don Attiogbe, expressed sadness over the situation in which they are residing.

“We are suffering too much in this community, representatives and senators only come to us during elections, and because of the constraints our people are faced with, they are carried away by the food and non-food items that can be shared by the politicians”. He narrated.

Another resident Sarah Tweh disclosed that due to the lack of latrines they usually use the Huffman River for defecation and fishing. Stating that most kids are reportedly sick of running stomach ( diarrhea), Malaria, Typhoid and other common diseases.

Chairperson of the community, Mr. Patrick Don Attiogbe

In rural parts of Liberia, people often lack toilets in their houses, or in the areas where they live such as in schools or in the farms and it leads to open defecation.

Open defecation perpetuates a vicious cycle of disease and poverty; research has shown that countries where open defection is most widespread have the highest number of deaths of children aged under 5 years as well as the highest levels of malnutrition and poverty, and big disparities of wealth.

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