Liberia Chamber Of Commerce President Encourages Liberian Owned Businesses

The President of the Liberia Chamber of Commerce (LACC), Cllr.  Natu Oswald Tweh has lauded the proprietress of the newly opened Monsio’s Food & Liquid Joint for the confidence being built in the Liberian economy by establishing a new business to buttress the growth of the country’s economy.

Uniquely dressed staff of Monsio’s Food & Liquid Join

The LACC boss made the commendation on Friday, September 17, 2021 when he officially opened a first class state-of-the-art restaurant located on the Japanese Freeway, Gardnersville, owned and operated by two Liberians, Madam Cleopatra Wadell Cummings and Ceasar Teai, he praised them for their fast farsightedness in the establishment of such venture.

The beautifully situated  restaurant on the Japanese Freeway

Cllr. Tweh Showered praises on Madam Cummings for such initiative, and further assured her the Liberia Chamber of Commerce support in her endeavor, and also bestowed upon her the Chamber’s symbol of membership.

For her part, one of the owners of the Monsio’s Food & Liquid Joint, Madam Cummings recounted her dream that led to the establishment of such a unique food center, noting over the years, people who wanted to get their desired food taste made their way to central Monrovia for such, but now the opening of this modern food center will enable them to make a quick stop instead of going to central Monrovia to get food of their taste.

Customers of Monsio’s Food & Liquid Joint will have the opportunity to enjoy wifi via their mobile phones or laptops, and will also have the privileges to watch all international and local events via gigantic wall mounted TV.

This occasion was also graced by friends and relatives of the owners, while Rev. Sheriff of the Faith Healing Temple of Jesus Christ blessed the opening of this business center.

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