LIBERIA: MICAT Issues Warning To Media Institutions For Airing, Publishing Obscene Contents

Boakai M. Fofana

It’s come to the attention of the Ministry of Information Cultural Affairs and Tourism that some advertising firms and media houses are engaged in the airing of materials with obscene contents. This is particularly notable with advertisements that are aired on radio stations. The practice is unacceptable.

MICAT urges all to adhere to its guidelines which prohibit the publication and airing of indecent materials. We call on managers at these institutions to carefully scrutinize any work they receive from the public before airing/publishing.

Media institutions and firms failing to comply with this notice will face the appropriate administrative sanction in keeping with MICAT’s statutory mandate.

The MICAT warnings signed the Deputy Minister for Technical Services,  Boakai M. Fofana, added

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