LIBERIA: Majority Lawmakers Sign Establishment Of War And Economic Crimes Court Resolution

Liberian lawmakers voting

Majority lawmakers at the national legislature have overwhelmingly signed a resolution seeking the establishment of war and economic crimes court in Liberia, with more to do same in the weeks to come, according GNN source at the Capitol Building.

According to GNN investigation at the Liberian parliament, many of those who reportedly signed the resolution did so as to express their frustration over the current state of the nation, and the continues delay in getting their benefits and the fulfillment on the part of the Executive Branch of government to meeting the needs of the Liberian people.

“This move by majority of us to sign this resolution is a protest from our end, especially when the executive has failed to providing our benefits and others,” a member of the Liberian House of Representatives who signed the resolution and declined to be named said.

Our source said some of those who may be caught in the process when the court is established in Liberia are somehow rejecting their signature to be attested on the document, but many are resolute that they are looking forward for the court to be established, noting that the culture of impunity must be brought to an end.

However, the Lower House Committee on Claims, Judiciary and Governance has been reviewing the different opinions of Liberians expressed in two separate resolutions.

During the launch of the resolution Thursday at the Duport Road Mass Grave, the Joint Committee Chair, Representative Rustonlyn Dennis, said they have reached the legislative threshold endorsing the establishment of the court.

According to her, the resolution will be submitted to the House Plenary Friday, October 03, 2019.

Representative Dennis wants the support of her colleagues in the House and Senate for the Court’s establishment.

In spite of the resolution, the House of Representatives has instructed its members to solicit the views of their constituents on similar issue after President Weah sought their advice.

In another development, the House of Representatives has concurred with the Liberian Senate granting dual citizenship in Liberia.

Plenary reached the decision after the Liberian Senate acted upon the legislative instrument.

Our reporter said under the amended version of article 28, any Liberian holding double citizenship shall not hold elected and key appointed positions.

According to the report, some Liberians gained dual citizenship after they fled the civil conflict.

The instrument added that they cannot be outcast from Liberia as many of them continue to contribute to nation’s growth.

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