Liberia Land Authority Gets Financial Boost As Sweden Gov’t Provides US$7 M

(LINA) –Swedish Ambassador Ingrid Wetterqvist has disclosed that Sweden has provided US$7 million for capacity building project to the Liberia Land Authority (LLA).

She stated that the funding the project was intended for technical and institutional capacity building and cooperation, and to aid the Liberian government to step in and ensure LLA gets the means required to succeed with its important work.

The Swedish envoy made the statement Friday at the launch of the Capacity Building for Inclusive Land Administration and Management Project in Liberia held at the LLA’s Head Office in Monrovia.

According to her, Sweden is there to support the development of the staff of the LLA because the European nation believes in the LLA and that they will do the right priorities in line with the strategic plan.

The Swedish diplomat indicated that the focus areas for 2019-2020 are customer service and public relations, land registration procedures, cadastral/surveying procedures and customary land regulation and by-laws.

Ambassador Wetterqvist stressed that with these in mind, it is important to highlight that the people of Liberia should be the beneficiaries of this project.

She pointed out that Liberia and Sweden can learn from each other and benefit from this cooperation project.

She maintained that the land situation in Liberia is “very vital” since land remains a crucial element in the conflict and post-conflict context of the country.

Meanwhile, acting chairman of LLA, Atty. L. Adams Manobah said while government would  like to provide adequate budgetary appropriation to the entity, the national revenue envelop at this time cannot afford what is required to ensure  effective execution of the agency’s functions.

Chairman Manobah stated that given this backdrop at the LLA, in order to attract continued goodwill of the United Nations, World Bank, European Union, other members of the donor community and friendly nations, including America and Sweden, the LLA will continue to cultivate the culture of transparency, accountability, gender inclusion and responsibility.

According to him, the LLA will ensure avoidance of project overlaps by strengthening collaboration and coordination in all projects implementation.

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