GNN PROFILE: Dr. C. Nelson Oniyama – An Innovator, Making The Difference

GNN is once again pleased to release another personality of the week with the primary objective of highlighting the robust role played individuals and institutions aimed at strengthening the country’s fragile economy.

The Chief Executive Officer of the Monrovia Breweries Incorporated (MBI) is our personality of this week; his numerous contributions to the growth and development of Liberia’s human resource development, and his quest to see Liberia amongst the comity of nations rapidly improve in its infrastructural has given rise to this profile.

Dr. Nelson Oniyama’s ever ready attitude in rewinding the growth of the Liberian economy to a satisfactory levels has robustly been observed by score of Liberians and foreign nationals grading him as a real partner-in-progress for the country; his numerous contributions over the years to the people of Liberia has touched the hearts and minds of those Liberians, many of whom are his direct beneficiaries in the employment world.

Due to all of these, Dr. Onoyama who is significantly suited as our personality of the month, despite his role as the CEO of the Monrovia Breweries Incorporated including his chain of businesses in Monrovia and its environs have employed hundreds of Liberians who are now opportune to putting food on the table for their respective families has been graded as a ‘Remarkable gesture’.

Doing a due diligent for Dr. Oniyama and his benefactors, the writer of this article took up time to exclusively interview dozens of those who are in the employ of this worthy Liberian businessman overwhelmingly expressed their heartfelt thanks and appreciation to their employer (Dr. Oniyama) for his farsightedness in bringing relief to their years of suffering.

During a tour of Dr. Oniyama’s chain of businesses by our staff, it was observed that many of those talked to were overwhelmed of the level of support their boss has given them, “My brother, I bless God for Mr. Nelson Oniyama’s life; securing job from one of his establishments is like bringing me back to life. I am indeed overwhelmed of his kind gesture,” a female employee at the Riverside Resort and Villa in a chat with our staff noted.

Dr. Oniyama’s numerous investments which include real estates, entertainment centers, and other commercial services are ideally suited to robustly beautify one of Africa’s oldest cities, Monrovia, while at the same time affording the unemployed to be employed.

‘Oniyama’ as he is popularly call by many of peers and other admirers has won the hearts and minds of many Liberians including their foreign partners for his developmental initiatives; making available state of the art sporting centers including his well suited Monrovia Gulf Club.

His professional dealings with his employees be it at the Monrovia Breweries Incorporated (MBI), or his other establishments seems welcoming, as many of those who talked to said he is a boss who is ‘Down to earth’, and further expressed gratitude to him during an exclusive interview with them.

According to employees of the MBI, since the ascendancy of Dr. Oniyama as Chief Executive Officer and General Manager, things have changed drastically as a result of a very cordial relationship between the management of the BMI and the general workforce of the Company, a situation some of those spoke to noted that it is more pleasing as compare to yesteryears when previous management was in control.

Being innovative, Dr. Oniyama through his instrumentality as CEO and General Manager, recently introduced a new product brand of medium size Lager Beer popularly known as, “Club Beer”.

According to report, Dr. C. Nelson Oniyama has been working tirelessly making that entity the MBI to be more viable after the departure of its foreign partners.

The Monrovia Breweries Incorporated established since 1961 has over the years justifies its professionalism and inclusion in the Liberian economy as the nation’s sole producers and supplier of Club Beer, Guinness Stout, Malta and variety of energy drinks on the Liberian market, and to date, this company has received several local and international awards for good and quality production and successfully meets best International Standards practice.

Over the past decades the management of MBI with a team of professional experts under Dr. Oniyama has graciously invested heavily into its factory thus bringing to Liberia its modern level of equipment in order to meet up with the satisfaction of its numerous customers by ensuring a smooth and healthy production.

Due to all of these and many works of Dr. C. Nelson Oniyama’s activities be it public services or humanitarian, his contribution to Liberia and its people has reached to a level where there exist no borders.

Written by Joel Cholo Brooks

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