Liberia Joins Dozens of Maritime Nations In International Naval Exercise In Gulf of Guinea

Liberia Maritime Authority Boss, Lenn Eugene Nagbe

The Liberia Maritime Authority, through the Maritime Rescue Coordination Center, will on Tuesday, November 2, 2021 participate in a major international navy exercise involving dozens of other nations, including the French Army. The exercise will take place in a vast area from Senegal to Angola and consists primarily of nations bordering the Gulf of Guinea.

Two French navy units, the surveillance frigate Germinal, currently deployed in the area as part of an ongoing French operation, and a Falcon 50 Marine maritime surveillance aircraft from the country’s 24F fleet, are expected to form part of the drill which will last until the 7th of November.

The Commissioner of the Liberia Maritime Authority has welcomed the participation of Liberia in the multinational event, saying “the exercise, along with other such interventions, will go a long way in addressing the issue of piracy in the Gulf of Guinea, which has been a scourge in international shipping and commerce (by extension)”.

Since 2018, the Grand African Navy’s Exercise for Maritime Operations (otherwise known as NEMO), has become the major annual maritime safety event in the Gulf of Guinea. It is preceded by several smaller regional exercises of similar nature brought about by the 2013 Yaounde Summit.

About forty units at sea, as well as six aircraft will be mobilized for the various exercises.

LiMA’s Maritime Rescue Coordination Center in Collaboration with the Liberia Coast Guards will participate in a session of the exercise on the November 2-3.

Liberia’s participation comes in the wake strides LiMA has been making to recoup the country’s standing as a major registry in the global Maritime industry.

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