LIBERIA: Governing CDC Supporters Scare Over ‘Gasoline’ Walhalla Ahead Of 2023

Local radio airwaves in Monrovia and its environs have been overwhelmed with callers expressing their frustration over recent artificial shortage of gasoline in Monrovia and its environs, and the subsequent increase of the product by the Liberian Government.

Many of those who called on local radio station including some diehard supporters of the ruling Coalition for Democratic Congress (CDC) say they have taken aback of the government to increase the price of the product without bringing to book those who have criminally created the artificial shortage of the product.

According to them prior to the creation of the artificial shortage of the product by unscrupulous individuals, sufficient of the product was seen on the Liberian market, but due to the hauling of it, the Liberian government did not arrest those who gave rise to the shortage but rather to increase the product at the detriment of the citizens.

“Those who cause the shortage of the product by hauling it, should have been arrested by the police for their action, but instead the Ministry of Commerce and the Liberia Petroleum Refining Company (LPRC) released a press statement increasing the price of the product without given reason why the product was being hauled”, one of the callers on a local radio station this week expressed his disappointment in the government.

For others who also called on the radio station alleged that the government is insensitive in the plight of the people, wondering as to why both the Commerce Ministry and the LPRC had to announce the sudden increase in the price of the product when in fact prior to their press statement, it was reported that enough gasoline was on the Liberian market.

“This government is indeed insensitive of our plight, I believe come 2023, Liberians will decide who they should vote for; the hardship is enormous for us under the CDC-led government”, another caller venting out his frustration, said.

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