Liberia's first lady Clar Weah (left) poses with Dr Millicent Comrie (second left) and members of her family. From left: husband Teddy, grandson Mason, daughter Sasha, granddaughter Kensie, and son-in-law Andre Jackson-Chin in Monrovia, Liberia, last Wednesday.

Liberia First Lady Hails Jamaican-Born Doctor Millicent Comrie

Liberian First Lady, Clar Weah, threw a surprise birthday party for famed Jamaican-born doctor Millicent Comrie — a gesture that threw the medic off guard in the African nation’s capital Monrovia last Wednesday.

Watched by her football legend husband George Weah, the country’s president, who is involved in campaigning for that country’s general election on October 10, Clar, a product of Grant’s Pen in St Andrew, reeled off, in full Jamaican accent, her appreciation for Dr Comrie, the St Andrew West Rural-born and Maverley-raised medical practitioner, who has built a reputation over 46 years as one of the leading obstetricians and gynaecologists in the United States.

“This is for you,” Clar uttered, as the sounds of “happy birthday to you” attached with the chorus “we wish you success” hit the air in honour of the woman rated in the top 10 Caribbean-born female doctors in the United States by News America.

Dr Comrie, who marked her birthday earlier in August, was on a visit to Liberia at the invitation of the Weahs, who she met nearly a quarter of a century ago when she delivered their son Timothy, now a member of the United States national football team.

“This is Dr Comrie, she’s a really special lady,” said Clar as she introduced the veteran practitioner. “Timothy is 23 years old, and Dr Comrie is the one who delivered him. I met her in New York City when I was extremely young and she had a clinic and I went there. There were white, black, patients, but what’s great about this lady is how she caters for the black community and the black woman within, like myself. I feel within my heart that she is one of the best doctors in the world. This lady is truly a godsend,” Clar said.

It was out of that friendship that Clar later invited Dr Comrie here to Liberia, and her first response was that it would be difficult for her to leave her patients in New York.

“But earlier this year she called and said, ‘Clar, I am 75 now and I am going to keep my promise to you by coming to Liberia because I want to support George Weah,” Clar revealed to the small gathering at a local restaurant.

“There is nothing special about me, she loves me like how she loves her patients. But I am grateful and I know she never expected me to do this, but when you are grateful and you want to show gratitude, it doesn’t matter how small a person does,” Clar continued. “So I am so grateful that she is standing here with me, with her family — her husband, her daughter, her son-in-law and her two grandchildren.

Husband Teddy, daughter Sasha, son-in-law Andre Jackson-Chin, granddaughter Kensie Jackson-Chin, and grandson Mason Jackson-Chin were all there to join in the accolades.

“She looks after the black community,” Clar continued. “If you don’t have insurance, if you don’t have money, she will never close her door to the black community, and I am just one of them that can put my hand up and say I am grateful.”

The occasion was also used to mark the upcoming birthday of Dr Comrie’s grandson, Mason Jackson-Chin, who will observe his special day on August 28.

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