Wagner boss hints ‘he is in Africa’ in first video since mutiny in Russia

Source: Africanews.com|

Russian mercenary leader Yevgeny Prigozhin has published his first recruitment video for the Wagner Group since organizing a short-lived mutiny against defense officials in Russia, according to Russian social media channels.

In the video, the 62-year-old mercenary leader says the Wagner Group is conducting reconnaissance and search activities, and “making Russia even greater on all continents, and Africa even more free.”

“We are recruiting real strongmen and continuing to implement assigned tasks which we promised to deliver,” Prigozhin says, toting an assault rifle and wearing military fatigues.

The Associated Press is unable to independently verify the video which appears to show Prigozhin standing against a grey and brown backdrop with pick up trucks and people wearing military fatigues in the background.

Russian social media channels linked to the mercenary leader said Prigozhin was recruiting for mercenaries in Africa and also inviting investors from Russia to invest in the Central African Republic through Russian House, a group which social media channels said Prigozhin controls.

The Wagner Group has, since 2014, been a ruthless force-for-hire across Africa and has been used by the Kremlin as a tool to expand Russia’s presence in the Middle East and Africa.

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