LIBERIA: Ex-NPHIL Boss Gets Strategic Global Health Appointments

Former NPHIL Boss Dr. Mosoka P. Fallah

Since his exit as Director General of the National Public Health Institute of Liberia (NPHIL), Dr. Mosoka Papa Fallah continues to make headways on international front with the latest being an appointment with the Boston University.

The Founder and CEO of Refuge Place International (RPI) has a been appointed as an Adjunct Faculty at the Center for Emerging Infectious Diseases Policy and Research (CEID) at Boston University.

In a communication dated September 15, 2021 addressed to the former NPHIL Director General, the University outlined the roles and responsibilities ascribed to him (Dr. Fallah) as a part-time professor.

CEID’s core mission is to generate evidence-based programmatic and policy research and provide recommendations to communities, governments and academic groups aimed at preparing and responding to pandemics at the national and global level.

An integral component of the Center’s mission is to develop and provide knowledge-sharing and training opportunities that improve societal resilience against emerging and epidemic infectious diseases threats worldwide.

“Your expertise and work directly align with the Center’s work and we look forward to working with you on topics of mutual interest and importance,” said Boston University in its communication.

As an affiliated faculty member of the Center, Dr. Fallah is to contribute to the intellectual community within the Center; collaborate with the Center and other affiliated faculty on research and projects related to topics important to the Center’s mission; and contribute to events, seminars and website content in your area of expertise.

Furthermore, he is being tasked to mentor any students whose work is associated with his (Dr. Fallah) work at the Center, agree to be identified as faculty on the Center website, acknowledge the Center in activities, publications and research that precipitate from collaboration with the Center’s faculty and resources, serve as a reviewer on the Center seed grants as your schedule allows and attend the Center Faculty Steering Committee as your schedule allows.

“The Center will assist you in your ventures by providing you with: 1) Opportunity to collaborate with other affiliated faculty, students, partners and staff working on intersecting topics; 2) A home base for future Center related grant applications, taking advantage of Center resources related to grant development and submission; 3) Access to small seed funding in collaboration with BU faculty to accelerate Center related work and 4) Exposure for your work through Center website and social media outlets The COVID-19 pandemic has not only highlighted the importance of your work, but also the potential for impactful collaboration with the Center in fulfilling our mission,” the statement reads.

“We hope you will join us as we work together to make our communities more secure against the threat of emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases,” it among other things added.

Meanwhile, the Health, Nutrition and Population (HNP) Department World Bank in Washington DC has contracted The learned Liberian public health expert for a short-term consultancy on Pandemic Diagnostics with emphases on the COVID-19. His research covered Ghana, Liberia and Sierra Leone.

In the letter addressed to him by the World Bank which states: “We are pleased to offer you a Short-Term Consultant appointment at the World Bank for an assignment with HNP Global.  Your  Task Team Lead (TTL) for this assignment  will  be  Ms  Rocio  Schmunis, who is responsible for determining your Terms  of  Reference  and  for providing guidance, supervising, and confirming the completion of your work,” said the communication from the World Bank to Dr. Fallah, a copy which is in the possession of this paper.

“The   International   Bank   for  Reconstruction  and  Development  (“IBRD”),  the International   Development   Association   (“IDA”),   the  International  Finance Corporation (“IFC”),  the  Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency (“MIGA”), and the  International  Centre  for  Settlement  of  Investment Disputes (“ICSID”) are collectively known as “the World Bank Group”. The term “World Bank” refers to IBRD or IDA, or both, as applicable,” the communication furthered with details of its different functionaries.

“Please note that total World Bank Group Short-Term appointments may not exceed 150 days or 1,200 hours per fiscal year, unless The World Bank Group Senior Management makes an exception to these limits because of exceptional circumstances.” the Bank indicated in its appointment communication to Dr. Fallah.

“The World Bank will make every effort to give you as much notice as possible of any changes to your appointment. In the event that the World Bank finds it necessary to extend the terms of this assignment, every effort will be made to accommodate your interests,” added the communication.

It is noteworthy that the scientific capabilities, Public Health skills, expertise and knowledge are constantly being used internationally to support response to COVID-19.

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