LIBERIA: Several LWSC Contractors Threaten Go-Slow For Salaries In Margibi County

By: Christopher Wiah, GNN Correspondent, Margibi County|

(Kakata, Margibi County): Over 19 contractors of the Liberia water and sewer cooperation Margibi chapter, threaten another go-slow action if their concerns cannot be address by national government within two weeks.

Addressing reporters on Wednesday, the spoke person of the aggrieved contractors Roland Teah noted that for the past nine months, they are yet to receive their salary arrears and other benefits after a series communications were served to the management of the institution asking for the status, but to their ultimate surprise, they were informed by delegates from the LWSC office that they are volunteers, and they would pay for their voluntary services rendered.

Mr. Roland Teah lamented that they were not notified upon the expiration of their contract, after they were being told by management that they would be notify three to the expiration date of their contract, the action the spoke person of the aggrieved contractors of the Liberia water and sewer corporation considered as a violation of the labor law of Liberia.

He indicated that the two weeks grace period is being given due to the quick intervention of Margibi county Dist. #3 Representative Hon Ellen Attoh Wreh asking them to return to work, as she will use her office to advocate on their behave in seeking redress to their concern.

For her part, the representative of electoral district #3 and co-chair on  states own enterprise, Hon Ellen Attoh Wreh assured the aggrieved contractors that within the course of two weeks, their plight will be address and they will definitely receive their just benefits for the time they worked for.

The Margibi County lone female lawmaker indicated that it is important for people to receive what they labored for, mentioning that it is not about politic as the least thing she will ever do is to deceive her people.

She added that if a common ground cannot be find on what was agreed upon by the managing director, she will definitely allow the aggrieved contractors to carry on their action plan action.

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