LIBERIA: Criminal Court ‘D’ Released Three Alleged Armed Robbers

By Dyujay Jackson

Flash Back: Alleged armed robbers arrested recently – PASI TV

Criminal Court “D”, presiding Judge Ousman Feika pursuance to chapter 18, section 18.1 of the criminal procedures law has release three men of the crime of armed robbery.

Judge Feika decision according to our judicial correspondent is based on an application of Nollie Prosecuqua in favor of the defendants filed by the states prosecutors.

Our correspondent maintain that following the filing of the application by the prosecutions lawyers the defense lawyers interposes no objection .

Those release are Alvin Choloplay ,Junior Nyanti and Tamba Bondor of the city of Monrovia for the crime of armed robbery.

The prosecutions lawyers further in their application that it is their duty to ensure that justice is served and justice is done and not to convict.

Meanwhile Judge Fieka, granted the prosecutions application to dismiss the indictment, adding that under the criminal procedures code it is the prerogative of the prosecutions as stipulated under Chapter 18, section 18.1 to request leave of court against an accuse.

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