LIBERIA: Court Summons Justice Minister, Police Chief

By Dyujay Jackson

L/R: Liberia’s Justice Minister, Cllr. Frank Musa Dean and Police Inspector General, Patrick Sudue

Criminal Court C judge T Ciapha Carey has summon justice minister Cllr. Frank Musa Dean and police inspector General Patrick Sudue for a writ of habeas corpus.

Judge Carey actions was triggered based on complaint filed by a man identified as Mohammed Dolleh who was reportedly detained at the LNP headquarters above the statutory period.

According to the petitioner petition defendant Mohammed was on march 31, invited by the national seaport security by officer Jerry Diah but failed to charge the defendant for whatever commission of a crime.

The writ maintain that officer Jerry Diah allegedly chose to detained the defendant from March 31 up to and including April 1, until he was transferred to the LNP headquarters.
The writ further disclosed that the defendant was question in connection of a container ,which he affirmed his ownership to the container.

The defendant lawyers at the same time informed court that after the defendant was forward the police failed to charged him of the commission of the crime and refuse to have the petitioner release.

Meanwhile the defendant lawyers revealed that the continuous detention at the Liberia National Police beyond forty eight hours is in violation of article 21, f of the 1986 constitution of the republic.

But  duringTuesday legal argument the Prosecutions lawyers said that the Ministry of justice does not supervise the operation of the seaport police at the national port authority.

They added that the complaints been arrested it means that he might have gone against the law.
That the petitioner was arrested on .
The Prosecutions lawyers further dismiss report that the defendant was detained above the statutory period.

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