LIBERIA: Bomi Police Send Woman, 42, To Court For Allegedly Killing Mate’s New Born

Photo: Getty Images (Flash back: Woman being handcuffed)

Police in Bomi County have charged and sent to court a forty-two year-old woman identified as Hawa Mambu for allegedly killing her mate’s new born baby in Tubmanburg, Bomi County.

According to police report, Hawa, a resident of Hammon Hill Community in Tubmanburg, went to visit her mate, with whom she has had a protracted conflict, after the woman had just given birth to twins in the Kondeh Community.

The report said one week after the mate had delivered,  suspect Hawa went to visit and knocked at the door of her mate but announced another name only to be gain access to the new born babies.

The report said after she entered the room Hawa took hold of one of the babies, and after she gave back the two-week old baby, the infant was discovered dead.

Police have charged suspect Hawa Mambu with Criminal Trespassing’ and forwarded her to court for trial.


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