LIBERIA: “Alexander N. Kollie Is Not PRP Standard Bearer’’ – Chairman Yarkpe Declares

Richmond D.K. Yarkpah, PRP National Chairman

The People’s Restoration Party (PRP) have described as a blatant lie, statement attributed to Mr. Alexander N. Kollie that “He is the standard bearer of the PRP.”

The PRP in a press release issued in Monrovia over the weekend said, historical circumstances have a way of promoting nonentities to places of high esteem, and as such Alexander N. Kollie is one of those bringing falsehood and deception.

The party through its National Chairman, Hon. Richmond D.K. Yarkpah noted that it  was deeply regrettable that the likes of Alexander N. Kollie, who is seeking the highest office of the land, lacks the basic understanding of how electoral processes are conducted.

“We wish to make it categorically clear to Kollie that the constitution of Liberia gave right to the National Elections Commission to create regulations and guidelines for political parties and independent candidates.”

“It is time Alexander N. Kollie, a con artist and 419er come to the realization that his position in the People’s Restoration Party (PRP) is just a membership position that is not even in good standing with party regulations,” the press release indicated.

Additionally, the party also stated that Alexander N. Kollie is not the Vision Bearer or Standard Bearer of the PRP as has been falsely claimed, stressing, “Such claimed is diabolical, misleading and has the propensity to give wrong impression to our supporters out there.”

“All election processes are governed by law therefore, according to the National Elections Commission regulation and guidelines section 2.9 which states that when a political party is certificated it has six months to go to convention to elect it code of officers, and that the convention must be presided over by the organizing chairman, something which we have not done due to intender rankling.”

PRP maintained its position that, Kollie appearance on a local radio talk show, “State Of The Nation” on September 12, 2022, in which he threatened lawsuit against the National Elections Commission for “interfering in the PRP affairs” is a mere political bluff and showmanship.

Firstly, Chairman Yarkpah’s position as Chairman of the PRP, placed him in an experienced and well-informed position and understand the politics regarding electioneering processes.  NEC regulation and guidelines in section 3.4 a,b,c. only recognized the Chairman and Secretary General until convention, and that in this situation, the person who is recognized is Mr. Decontee Jerbo as secretary general.

Accordingly, PRP believe that the National Elections Commission is a credible institution tasked with overseeing elections in Liberia and deserved commendations for a job well done, and that Alexander N. Kollie is not an official of the PRP and has no standing to make such reprehensible statement on behalf of the PRP.

PRP  therefore distance itself from statement coming from Alexander N. Kollie who has no struggle credential in defense of the suffering masses, and that such comment is counterproductive and not in the interest of the party. NEC has in no way interfere in the affairs of the PRP.

“If kollie sore intention is to run for the presidency, we urge him get prepare for the upcoming primary because there are others who are also expressing their interest in such position as well. We are finding it somewhat complicated to imagine weather Kollie really wants to run for presidency in Liberia or the state of Rod Island in the USA where he has adopted as his home.”

“Alexander N. Kollie is a lousy political attention seeker politicizing the economic hardship we are undergoing. This is the tragedy the homeland is faced with,” press release indicted.

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