LIBA Wants Business Owners Remain Patient Amid Economic Slowdown

President of the Liberia Business Association (LIBA), James Strother

The President of the Liberia Business Association (LIBA), James Strother, has urged members of the business community to remain calm and patient amid the rising tension and economic condition in the country.

Strother said although businesses in the country are currently faced with huge challenges occasioned by the fluctuation in the rate of foreign exchange, among other economic conditions, adding that the government is doing its best to see that Liberian businesses are improved.

According to him, the situation of the business sector and the country at large cannot be tackled overnight, adding that the state of affairs has been there even before the ascendancy of President Weah.

The LIBA official made the comments on Wednesday when he appeared on a local radio talk show in Monrovia.

Strother reminded Liberians that it is time for every Liberian to come together and discuss issues that are affecting them, encouraging them to put forth suggestions that will help move the nation forward.

“We should not create chaos through demonstrations, or any form of violence that will hamper the nation’s peace,” he said.

As a people, Strother cited that “we will always disagree to agree, so the best way to overcome any situation affecting us is to holistically discuss the issues and move the country forward.”

“Once there is a corridor for open dialogue, we must always dialogue no matter what;` because dialogue will always exist as long as humans exist, and this government has always been willing and open for dialogue,” he said.

Strother noted that business people see how business is difficult, noting that “right now they are only dealing with what they have, but believe that with time things will get better in the business sector.”

He noted that the government is engaging donors to invest in the business sector of Liberia so that Liberian businesses can be lifted and improved like other countries around Africa and the world.

Strother then urged the business community in Liberia to go about their normal businesses on June 7, amidst news of a planned protest march.

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