ANC Alexander Cummings Urges Protesters To Remain Peaceful And Avoid All Provocations

Monrovia, Thursday, June 6, 2018 – While admonishing his fellow partisans as well as all Liberians participating in the June 7 protest to remain peaceful and act in accordance with the Constitution, Mr. Alexander B. Cummings, Political Leader of the Alternative National Congress (ANC), called on protestors to avoid any provocation and refrain from retaliation.

Speaking at his party headquarters in Sinkor, Thursday, June 6, 2019, Mr. Cummings said that the right to petition government/protest is a constitutional right of all citizens but said right must be exercised peacefully and within the confines of the constitution. He said Liberians are well aware of the cost of peace and stability and therefore nobody should compromise our peace.

Calling on his partisans and all protesters to resist any temptation to violence, he reminded them that protesters cannot break the laws while petitioning government to uphold their end of the social contract. He acknowledged the current hardship faced by the people and the compelling reasons they have to protest.

Mr. Cummings reminded President Weah and his security apparatus that it is not a personal decision to choose whether to provide adequate security for the peaceful protesters but that it is the duty of government to protect their citizens when they assemble peaceably to petition their government. He urged Pres. Weah to keep his promise to protect the lives of the people.

The ANC Political Leader reassured the protestors that he stands by them and will ensure that an alternative is presented for next elections. He reaffirmed his party’s commitment to the opposition collaboration and urged protestors to also channel their anger and disappointment through the ballot box during elections.

“But today, we stand with you and by you, as you prepare to petition your government to do what needs to be done to curtail your suffering and improve your lives,” Cummings concluded.

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