Late Samuel K. Doe Statue Arrives From U.S.

Statue of the late Liberian President, Samuel Kanyon Doe

Information originating from the United States has revealed that the members of the Grand Gedeans Association in the Americas (GGAA) have beautifully constructed a statue in remembrance of their kinsman, the late Liberian leader, President Samuel Kanyon Doe who was brutality murdered by forces loyal to the than General of the Independent National Patriotic Front of Liberia (INPFL), Prince Y. Johnson during the early days of the Liberian civil war in the 1990s.

According to sources closed to the association, the statue has been completed, and is shortly expected to be shipped to Liberia from the United States of America to be erected in the home town of the late Liberian leader in Grand Gedeh County, south eastern Liberia.

GNN-Liberia source in the United States also revealed that this beautifully designed golden statue was made possible by one of the songs of the County, James Youboty who through of the construction of the statue provided his technical knowhow from the start to the completion of this statue.

Speaking to the head of the group, Youboty via WhatsApp, said the late President Samuel K. Doe being the very first native President of the Republic of Liberia, since his death no one has never known his place of rest in terms of grave, noting, ‘The President needs to be remembered and with all his good legacies he made in Liberia,’ Mr. Youboty told this outlet.

Youboty who is also the President of the Association, said those in the Americas are pleased to memorialize the hard work of the late Liberian leader, noting that said monument is already been shipped, and will soon be in Liberia to be erected Zwedru, the Capital City of Grand Gedeh County.

GNN Grand Gedeh County Correspondent speaking via mobile phone said the people of the County are excited over the initiative taken by their kinsmen in the United States for the erection of a statute of their son, the Liberian leader, President Samuel K. Doe, applauding their efforts.

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