Labour Minister Gibson Highlights Liberia’s Commitment To Gender Equality

Monrovia, October 26, 2023…The Minister of Labour, Cllr Charles H Gibson, has underscored Liberia’s unwavering dedication to advancing gender equality within the nation’s development and administrative spheres.

He Liberia has set an inspiring example for the world by electing its first female president, who served the country for 12 years, and subsequently, having another female elected as Vice President, poised to serve in that role for another 12 years. Minister Gibson, in a compelling address, called on the global community to emulate Liberia’s strides in gender equality and extend greater opportunities to women.

The Liberia Labour Minister made these assertions at the opening of one day Stakeholders Validation workshop on Gender Audit for the Ministry of Labour held at the Ministry of Labour in Monrovia on Thursday, October 26, 2023.

Minister Gibson believes that every gender in Liberia has the potential to showcase their capabilities to the international community, thereby demonstrating their progress and competence acquired over the years. This commitment to gender equality is a testament to Liberia’s progressive stance on inclusivity and empowerment.

In a related announcement, Minister Gibson unveiled a significant achievement in addressing salary disparities at ArcelorMittal Liberia. He highlighted that it is essential to ensure that employees are compensated for the work they perform, rather than for their qualifications or knowledge. Whether one is a doctor, a lawyer, or holds any other position, the focus should be on the contributions they make to the workforce, as this is an integral component of gender equality.

The Ministry of Labour, in collaboration with the Liberia Human Resources Association, is actively engaged in conducting a comprehensive personnel audit of salary structures and job positions at ArcelorMittal Liberia and various concession companies operating in Liberia. This initiative aims to establish a level playing field for both females and males, enabling equal opportunities for employment in Liberia.

Minister Gibson highlighted that the personnel audit will be instrumental in shaping policy formulation, ensuring that Liberia continues to lead the way in achieving gender balance. This strategic move reaffirms Liberia’s commitment to equality and inclusivity in the workplace.

Meanwhile, Labour Ministry under the visionary leadership of Minister Cllr Charles H Gibson, is making impressive strides in gender equality, setting an example for the world. The commitment to address salary disparities and ensure that qualifications do not hinder equal opportunities for employment is a significant milestone in this journey. The personnel audit in collaboration with the Liberia Human Resources Association is a testament to the government’s commitment to advancing gender balance. Liberia is poised to continue its role as a trailblazer in the global movement towards gender equality.

Earlier, the head of the Gender and Social Inclusion Unit (GSIU), at the Ministry of Labour, Mrs. Enad Harris-Doe said that  the objective of Gender Audit is to comprehensively assess and analyze the polices, organizational processes, and structure of the Ministry of Labour. The goal is to identify existing gaps and recommend interventions to strengthen the Ministry’s commitment to enhancing capacities for Gender mainstreaming at all level, aligning with the policy.

The workshop was facilitated by Mr. James F. Tellewoyan, consultant, Gender Audit UN Women

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