‘JFK’ Receives Overwhelming Votes In Grand Kru County, Described By Citizens As ‘Untouchable’

Grand Kru County District # two Representative and Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives, Cllr. Jonathan Fonati Koffa has received overwhelming votes from the people of the District who are opting for his untouchable reelection as their most reliable lawmaker.

According to a dispatch from the county, National Elections Commission latest preliminary results announced has disclosed that the lawmaker has captured the huge votes of 9,332, this clearly showed that ‘JFK’, as he is affectionately called, reelection in that august house will be unbending.

Some voters and supporter of Deputy Speaker Koffa who spoke to the GNN via mobile phone said their decision to reelect their lawmaker is due to his numerous contributions to the growth and rapid development of their district, making reference of the provision of countless scholarships to the youthful population of the district and county.

“Deputy Speaker Koffa is a God sent to our county and district, who is always willing to listen to the plight of his people, and bringing relief to their livelihood whenever he is called upon”, an elderly woman only described as Ma Dwe-dee speaking to the GNN via mobile phone explaining about the kindness of Cllr. Koffa noted.

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