Death toll from Israeli attacks on Gaza nears 10,000 as bombing shows no signs of slowing down.

Israel-Hamas war live news: Global aid agencies demand Gaza ceasefire

By Virginia Pietromarchi, Priyanka Shankar and Edna Mohamed |

As heavy bombardment continues throughout the night across Gaza, 18 UN and other humanitarian organisations issue statement calling for an “immediate humanitarian ceasefire”.

At least 9,922 Palestinians killed in Israeli attacks on Gaza and the occupied West Bank since October 7. More than 1,400 people were killed in Hamas’s attack on Israel.

The party of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas condemns Israel’s “barbaric war of extermination”.

The UN says 88 UNRWA staff killed in Gaza, the “highest number” of “UN fatalities ever recorded in a single conflict”.

Jordan says its air force parachuted urgent medical aid to the Jordanian field hospital in Gaza.

Since Israel unleashed its brutal bombing campaign in Gaza on October 7, Israeli settler attacks against Palestinians in the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem have more than doubled from an average of three to eight incidents a day, according to the United Nations.

Settlers are Israeli citizens who live on private Palestinian land in the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem. The vast majority of the settlements have been built either entirely or partially on private Palestinian land.

More than 700,000 settlers now live in 150 settlements and 128 outposts dotting the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem.

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