Is President Weah Victim Of Circumstance As $100 Million Is Being Hunted For?

As Supporters and admirers  of Liberia’s 23rd President, George Manneh Weah are said to be bewildered  due to the ongoing investigation regarding the mysterious disappearance  of L$16 Billion or over US$100 million from state coffer, and the subsequent order placed by the United States Federal Reserves to freeze all transaction with the Central bank of Liberia (CBL) owing to the high-level of uncertainty surrounding the ongoing investigation into the missing billions.

Already speculations are roaming the corridor of the Liberian society with many considering President Weah to be a victim of circumstance  due to the high level of corruption in his government, with some of his confidants including his party’s Chairman, Mulbah Morlu, the Minister of State for Presidential Affairs, Nathaniel McGill, and the current City Mayor of Monrovia, Jefferson T. Koijee are handling their respective positions by enriching themselves over night at the detriment of taxpayers.

Investigation conducted by our staff over the past weeks, it was discovered in a short period of time, these officials have acquired huge wealth; building and buying of properties while majority of the country’s  citizens are droning in uncontrollable poverty with many Liberians cannot afford to send their kids to school or feel them.

These overnight riches by these officials has created a conspicuous situation that even the uneducated people realizing that many of these officials came to power to enrich themselves and forget about the majority of the Liberian people, “These guys are behaving like rebels during Liberia’s civil war when they took people’s house and properties as theirs. Many of those in this government of President Weah have failed to know it is a government and not a single political; they are using the President to acquire wealth,” Sampson Browne, a resident of Monrovia who spoke on the current trend of Liberia noted.

“President George Weah must see reason to know that Liberia is for all Liberians, and not a one set of political group; the world is watching him he must be very careful and mindful of those who are claiming to be good guys at the detriment of the majority,” Annie Nagbe of Tweh Farm, Bushrod Island speaking with frustration told the GNN.

With the downtrend of the Liberian economy due to the  visible of mass corruption and the prowling of the country’s resources, Liberians both at home are said to be weary, questioning the sincerity of the CDC led Government to rescue the aiding and plundered state resources.

According to our investigation, dozens of state funded projects including the completion of the new Roberts International Airport and the renovation of the Executive Mansion are said to be at standstill for reason best known to the Government, while those who are plundering the resources of Liberia are living with impunity.

Our investigation also discovered that the Doe/Freeport Community which was given to the SSF, a Lebanese construction company by the government is yet to be completed after it was given a timeline of three months ultimatum in May of this year by President Weah.  Other projects announced by this Government are yet to be seen.

President Weah must know that many of those who pouring praises on him on a regular basic are not doing him well, it is about time that he view the performances of his ‘Dedicated’ people who are claiming to be the best ‘Loyalists’

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