Is Albert Chie A Ruling Party Judas, As Executive Of The Ruling Party And Given Support To Opposition?

L/R: Senator Dillon and Senator Chie

Since he declared this week of given financial support to a candidate of the opposition Liberty Party (LP) during the last Senatorial election which brought on board Abraham Darius Dillon as Montserrado Senator, Grand Kru County Senator and Pro-tempore of the Liberian Senate, Albert Chie is receiving lashes for his statement made.

Early this week, June 3, 2020, Senator Chie boastfully, and with the intent to bring Senator Dillon to public disgrace, confessed at the Plenary of the Senate that he financially sponsored Senator Dillon during his election when he personally paid US$3,000.00 for him (Dillon) to enable him pay his poll watchers, and further wondered why Senator Dillon should brag of his integrity.

Senator Dillon speaking to reporters confirmed that yes indeed Senator Chie assisted him during his campaign bid for the Senate to pay his poll watchers, and said it is no crime to be helped by a friend during difficult when you are in need.

The Grand Kru Senator also told his colleagues in the Plenary that Senator Dillon was ‘Too corrupt and ungrateful”, adding that he paid Senator Dillon from his pocket when he was not Senator, and spent US$15,000.00 on him as assistance.

It can be recalled that Pro-tempore Chie donated a 4-door pickup to CDC candidate, Paulita Wie, as his contribution towards her campaign to contest for the Montserrado County Senatorial position, Senator Chie was also seen with President Weah during the launch of Candidate Wie’s campaign at the CDC headquarters when President Weah vowed to defeat Dillon and Telia Urey as long he is President.

However, according to a local daily, quoting sources said the confession made by Chie seems not to go down too well with the Liberian leader, wondering over such revelation by Senator.

Investigation continues

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