Armed Forces Of Liberia High Command Finds Soldier Guilty

General Prince C> Johnson, III

The High Commend of the Armed Forces of Liberia (AFL) has announced that one of its officers has been found guilty for his alleged involvement in an assault of a female resident of Slip-way Community on 16 April 2020, was investigated and found guilty for violating three article of the Uniform Code of Justice of the UCMJ.

In a press release issued by the Ministry of National Defense yesterday, June 4, 2020, said the officer was found to be guilty of Article 92, “Failure to obey regulations”, Article 93, “Cruelty and maltreatment” and Article 133, “Conduct unbecoming of an officer and gentleman.

The press release also said, the officer is serving punishment and he is currently in correction custody. Meanwhile, the AFL High Command pointed out it would not hesitate to bring any personnel of the Armed Forces of Liberia to book for the violations of the UCMJ.

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