Ruling CDC National Chairman, Mulbah Morlu

Intra-Party Clash Erupts Within Ruling CDC as Chairman Morlu is Overlooked

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Monrovia, Liberia – The ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) under President George Weah faces internal strife as allegations emerged that Chairman Morlu has been sidelined in favor of other party members to manage campaign funds for Weah’s second-term bid. The decision to allocate a substantial amount of US$50 million to the campaign, excluding Morlu, has sparked concerns about the impact on Weah’s chances for re-election in the face of a challenging campaign.

Chairman Morlu, who has long been considered a prominent figure within the CDC, finds himself at odds with the party’s leadership. It is alleged that President Weah has entrusted the management of campaign funds to a select group of individuals, namely Eugene Nagbe, Finda Bundoo, Sekou Kalasco Damaro Jomandy, and Pepsi Yeke. This exclusion has left Morlu feeling overlooked and marginalized within the party’s decision-making processes.

The decision to allocate a significant sum of US$50 million for Weah’s second-term campaign underscores the importance the CDC places on securing victory in the upcoming elections. However, the sidelining of Chairman Morlu, who has played a crucial role in the party’s operations, raises questions about the unity and cohesion within the ruling party.

The move to entrust campaign funds to the aforementioned individuals has ignited speculation about the potential consequences for Weah’s bid for a second term. Morlu’s absence from the team managing the funds may impact the party’s ability to effectively mobilize resources and strategize for the challenging campaign ahead. The chairman’s exclusion has also raised concerns among his supporters, who fear that internal dissension could weaken the CDC’s chances of success.

As the campaign season intensifies, the CDC is faced with the daunting task of navigating a fiercely competitive political landscape. Chairman Morlu’s absence from the core team managing campaign funds may create divisions within the party, potentially undermining its unity and ability to rally supporters effectively.

Political analysts suggest that the intra-party clash could impact Weah’s chances for re-election. The absence of a unified front, coupled with the sidelining of a prominent figure like Morlu, may erode the confidence of the electorate in the ruling party. It remains to be seen how the CDC leadership will address these concerns and reconcile the internal divisions to ensure a cohesive and effective campaign.

President George Weah and the individuals entrusted with managing the campaign funds, Eugene Nagbe, Finda Bundoo, Calasco, and Pepsi Yeke, have yet to publicly comment on the allegations or address the concerns raised by Chairman Morlu’s supporters. The upcoming elections in 2024 will ultimately determine the effectiveness of the CDC’s campaign strategy and the impact of the intra-party clash on Weah’s bid for a second term in office.

Weah on payback for Morlu’s damaging gossip

Leaked Audio Alleges President Weah’s Deviation from CDC’s Revolutionary Purpose

Weah action to throw Morlu of the main campaign team is a payback against him for gossiping against the president, according to top ruling party sources. It be recalled that in a leaked audio recording which surfaced several months ago, Chairman Morlu expressed deep concerns about President George Weah’s alleged deviation from the party’s revolutionary vision.

In the recording, Morlu accuses Weah of allowing key figures, Samuel Tweah and Nathaniel McGill, to hijack the party and perpetuate corruption, tarnishing the image of the CDC.

The CDC was founded on the principle of uplifting the suffering masses of Liberia and eradicating poverty. Its supporters placed their trust in Weah, hoping that his presidency would bring about meaningful change and address the widespread socio-economic challenges. However, the leaked audio suggests that Weah’s leadership has strayed from the party’s original ideals.

In the recording, Chairman Morlu expressed his dissatisfaction with the influence wielded by Samuel Tweah and Nathaniel McGill within the CDC. Morlu alleges that Weah has allowed these individuals to manipulate the party’s agenda for personal gain, institutionalizing corruption instead of fulfilling the party’s revolutionary purpose.

Samuel Tweah, the Minister of Finance, has become a highly controversial figure in Liberia. He has faced widespread criticism for his financial policies, which some claim have contributed to the country’s economic challenges. Tweah’s actions are believed to have tarnished the CDC’s reputation, making him one of the most disliked figures in the country.

Nathaniel McGill, the Minister of State for Presidential Affairs, has also faced public backlash due to allegations of corruption. His proximity to President Weah has raised concerns about the influence he wields and the impact it has on the party’s credibility.

Chairman Morlu’s leaked audio further reveals his disappointment with Tweah, describing him as “inebriated” and suggesting that his financial policies have negatively affected the CDC’s image. Morlu’s remarks highlight a growing division within the party, with some members expressing frustration over the alleged deviation from the original revolutionary purpose.

The leaked audio has sparked widespread debate and calls for transparency within the CDC. Supporters of the party have expressed their disappointment and called for accountability, urging President Weah to address the concerns raised by Chairman Morlu and take decisive action to restore the party’s reputation.

As the allegations continue to reverberate through Liberia’s political landscape, citizens are left questioning the future of the CDC and its ability to fulfill its promise of uplifting the suffering masses. The upcoming elections in October will serve as a crucial test for the party’s support base and may determine the course of Liberia’s political trajectory.

People familiar with the situation in the CDC says, President Weah has not forgiven Morlu for the gossip and is endeavoring to have him removed as chair of the party if he elected for a second term.

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