Internal Wrangling Hits Grand Gedeh County Legislative Caucus, As Rep Alex Grant Rejects New Leadership

L/R: Reps Alex Grant and George Boley

Internal wrangling has reportedly hit the Grand Gedeh County Legislative Caucus as outgoing Chairman Representative Alex Grant vows not to recognize George Boley’s leadership

During the weekend, the Gedeh Caucus through its new secretary general, Representative Madison Gwewon announced a leadership structure headed by Representative George Boley and Co-Chair by Senator Marshall Dennis.

Senator Zoe Emmanuel Pennue and Representative Alex Grant were named as advisers to the Caucus.

Representative Gwion indicated that the decision was reached following a consultation with all lawmakers.

The Grand Gedeh Legislative caucus Secretary stated that the restructuring was also based on the expiration tenure of Representative Alex Grant’s tenure as chairman of the caucus.


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