Prime Minister Narendra Modi says the rapes have 'brought shame' on the country(Photo: Peres Center for Peace and Innovation)

India: Women were paraded naked and sexually assaulted; Prime Minister Modi – ‘Shame on the country’

In a video taken on May 4 in Manipur, amid deadly ethnic clashes, men are seen marching a mother and daughter without clothes and touching them while they cry and beg them to stop, after which they allegedly were gang raped; Modi promises ‘we will punish, there is no forgiveness’

Prime Minister Narendra Modi says the rapes have ‘brought shame’ on the country(Photo: Peres Center for Peace and Innovation)

India is being rocked by a video that was circulated on social media on Thursday, in which two naked women are seen being paraded down the street while being assaulted in the violence-stricken state of Manipur,  before what townspeople on the videos say was a gang rape.

The video forced Prime Minister Narendra Modi to break a long silence – some would say too long – regarding the deadly clashes that broke out in May in the provincial state, and in a parliamentary session in New Delhi Thursday morning Modi said that it has “brought shame on India.”

According to Indian police, the video in question was filmed on May 4, a day after severe ethnic clashes broke out in Manipur in which at least 130 people were killed and another 60,000 were displaced from their homes. The violence erupted following the outrage of about 30 tribes living in Manipur over the decision to grant the members of the Meitei ethnic group, mostly Hindus, a status that would guarantee them government jobs and a place in colleges at the expense of other groups.

According to the reports, the members of the Kuki tribe, which enjoy such benefits, suffered the worst violence, and the Meitai set fire to their villages and wreaked havoc on them.

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