In Nigeria Liberian Accuses Senator Of Brutality For Asking For Unpaid Salaries

In Africa, it is common that domestic helps are treated with contempt and this should not be the case, seeing as they are only trying to make an honest living.

For people working in a different country from their own country of origin, it is sometimes a worse case, because their bosses feel that they have no one to run to in case of maltreatment.

Such is the case of a Liberian man, identified as Nana Doe, who accused his Nigerian boss of brutalizing him.

He did this via a Facebook post and explained that his boss had not paid him for six months and he had to request for his pay.

According to him, his boss did not take this lightly and sent hoodlums to beat him up. Nana also explained that his boss was a former senator in Delta state.

Nana wrote: “R work for dis man for 6 month he didn’t pay me,when I ask for my money he sent boys on me,because I’m form Liberia ,I will not do anything to him,he can even kill me noting will come out of it .he was a senator in Delta state Nigeria ,his name is Erhiawarie Eferakeya”

This is a really sad case, and some Facebook users sympathized with him and some others even advised him to take up the case with law enforcement agents.

Yet another person has fallen victim to domestic violence and with a tragic ending too. Identified as Lashonda Childs, the 17-year-old was reportedly gunned down by her obsessive and abusive ex-boyfriend.

Police arrested 28-year-old Trendell Goodwin and has been charged with felonious assault in connection with the shooting of the teenage girl on Shoop Avenue in Ohio, U.S. Reports shows that Lashonda had once complained about her killer. According to Lashonda’s mother, Nina, the two had started dating in September, 2017. However, shortly after they begun the relationship, Lashonda discovered Trendell was not 20 as he had led her to believe.


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