In Grand Kru: Magistrate Accused Of Assaulting Pregnant Woman, But Denies Allegation

By: Emmanuel S. Koffa | GNN Correspondent | Grand Kru County|

L/R: Evelyn Nimely accusing Magistrate Suku Nah of beating on her

The Magistrate of the Katia Magisterial Court of Dorbor Statutory District, Suku Nah has been accused of publicly assaulting a pregnant woman identified as Evelyn Nimely for her son reportedly beating Magistrate Nah’s son.

According to our Correspondent, the incident took place on August 3rd, 2030, quoting the lady as saying her son who she said went to walk around in the yard of the magistrate was asked by the Magistrate what he was doing in his yard.

Evelyn Nimely further alleged that, during her child visit to the magistrate compound, the magistrate grandson used cutlass to gash her son, a situation she said made her to seek the concern of the magistrate as to while his grandson gashed her with a cutlass.

She explained to our reporter, that when she asked the magistrate as to what transpired between her son and his grandson, the magistrate allegedly refused  to respond as per the allegation against his grandson.

She noted that, while taking her son to the house, the magistrate grandson again chased him with a cutlass and while trying to stop him from attacking her son again, “At this time Magistrate Suku begin to assault me personally, leaving me with pains”, the  36-year old pregnant woman speaking to our reporter alleged.  Madam Nimely is currently in a very terrible condition including her 6-year-old –son who was allegedly beaten by the Magistrate.

For his part, when GNN reporter in the County made an attempt to contact Magistrate H. Suku Nah, he said, the information is not true and far from reality, but alleged  it was Evelyn Nimely who fought me.

The magistrate explained that he did not assault the pregnant woman as she alleged but it was the pregnant women who hate me, and further maintained that, the children are minors who are not answerable under the law.

Magistrate Nah explaining further to  our reporter said when the lady heard her son crying in his yard, she quickly rushed to his house just to find out what is wrong with her son, quoting his grandson has saying his son was pealing sugar cane when Evelyn son went over and started to misbehave to his grandson.

Speaking to the GNN, the Magistrate, however, admitted that he fought the woman, adding, “I cannot beat on a woman, but it was the woman who fought me. She entered my house and beat on my grandson who is about five years old; they all are still under age, children who both cannot answer any question in court, magistrate,” Magistrate H. Suku Nah answering to our reporter’s question said.

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