In Bong County: Ten Persons Fear Dead, Several Injured After Gas Tanker Caught Fire

According to an online platform, the several persons are reported feared dead after a gas tanker traveling from Monrovia to Ganta caught fire in the Mulbah Hill Community along the main Gbarnga-Monrovia Highway at approximately 5:30 this evening, based on accounts from Totota, Salala District.

The vehicle had previously fallen in the road’s drainage, close to to the Upper Room Church, and residents in the tens were assisting in the removal of the truck and/or clearing gasoline spills when it burst into flames.

It is thought that some community members were unable to flee the fire, with only a few surviving but suffering severe burns.

Lower Bong County’s commercial metropolis is inconsolable as a journalist reporting from the scene confirms witnessing 10 fatalities and an unspecified number of injuries.

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  1. Anita Kerr says

    Who wrote this? I saw it live and there was no one doing anything that could be confused with humanitarian actions. The people were trying to steal gas! It’s heart breaking. But please don’t mislead people into thinking these people were victims when they were killed while looting!

  2. Anonymous says

    That video looks nothing like what is written here. Lack of poor government regulation along with ignorance caused the lives of those people. Sadly Many of those deaths could have been avoided. It’s j8st sad.

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