House Vex Over Bedridden Photos  Of The Late Sinoe County Rep, , Jay Nagbe Sloh Posted On Social Media

Members of the House voting

Members of the House of Representatives have angrily summoned authority of the John F. Kennedy Medical Center, the medical center where the late Sinoe County lawmaker was admitted and later died to give reasons why the bedridden photos of the late lawmaker were posted on social media.

Following the death news of the Sinoe County Representative at the JFK, hours later his bedridden photos were been circulated on social media, a situation that angered relatives, friends and his fellow lawmakers to invite the administration of the JFK.

But in response to the lawmakers’ inquiry, the Director, Public Relations and Communications said his management is not in the know of the photos being posted on the social media displaying the bedridden body of the late Sinoe County lawmaker.

But members of the House of Representatives in their reaction, and their displeasure on the bedridden photos of the late Rep. Nagbe Sloh insist on inviting the administration of the hospital

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