Guinea remains closed to neighbors on African Day of Borders

This prolonged border closure comes at a high economic cost. 

A screenshot from a  CGTN video  of transportation issues on the Guinean border.

While the African continent just celebrated the Day of Borders, Guinea is keeping two of its borders closed in what appears to be heightened political isolationism; exacerbating its economic crisis in the process.

June 7 is African Day of Borders (Border Day), following a decision adopted by the African Union (AU) in 2010. Each various activities and events are held across the continent all relating to a specific theme. The theme the AU has chosen for 2021 is, “art, culture, and heritage: tools for building the Africa we want.”

Guinea shares land borders with six countries: the Ivory Coast, Guinea-Bissau, Liberia, Mali, Senegal, and Sierra Leone. With its closure, it limited its participation in this international day to Mali alone.

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