Grass overtakes Haywood mission institute fence – The home of emergent snakes?

This photo shows the bushes fence of the Haywood Mission Institute, Old Road.

One of Liberia’s long surviving school known as the Haywood mission institute situated on Old Road suburbs of Monrovia has becomes a new home for emergent snakes due to the overtaken of the school’s fence by huge grass and bush.

The institute fence, erected several decades ago, damaged without any concrete steps taken by the administration to re-erect the fence and clear the huge grass and bush from the school’s vicinity.

The fence which is several feet long, shares boundary with a private property,  stone throw away from the Old Road General Market.

In the vicinity, is the presence of a dump site being use by marketers from the Old Road market.

Our reporter also noticed that some of the institute buildings (back parts) are eventually being overtaken by the grass with impunity.

Our reporter made two visitations including one that included other journalists at the institution but told by the security there that the administrator of the school was out of the compound.

Meanwhile, several residents who begged for anonymity living near the fence said that the presence of the grass encourages snakes to always come in the community especially during the dry season.

They contends that besides the bush and grass, there is the presence of a dozens of palm trees that is loved by snakes can be also be seen at the back of the school buildings.

They furthered that that they have engaged the school authorities about the situation to according to them, the school careless about it.

They also creed for the intervention of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA to compel the school to do something about the area.

Investigation continues.

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