Grand Kru County Registers Second Coronavirus Case, After Being Previously Declared Free Of The Virus

From Emmanuel S. Koffa/ GNN Grand Kru County Correspondent |

Dr. Shana Jackson Mentoe, Grand Kru County Health Officer

Grand Kru County has again registered its second coronavirus case after the county was declared free of COVID-19 in addition to announcing its first case recorded in the mouth of March 2020.

According Dr. Shana Jackson Mentoe, County Health Officer of Grand Kru County,  a woman who name is in questioned by health authority in Maryland County, and a dweller of Garraway Wilsonville community came from Grand Kru County on the 12th of June 2020 and was reported to the Pleebo health center tested positive of coronavirus in Maryland County.  The Grand Kru County CHO said, the woman was announced died on June 12, 2020.

Dr. Mentoe explained that, prior to the woman visit to Maryland County to seek medical care; she interacted with some family members in her home town, Wilsonville in Grand Kru County.

Dr. Mentoe indicated that, from contacts tracing contacted by the Grand kru county health Team, marked out at least 18 hard risk contacts and samples were collected from them and sent to Monrovia for testing, Dr. Mento further added that, out of the 18 hard risk suspects of the deadly disease, one tested positive and one was indefinite.

It can be record that, Grand Kru county declared COVID-19 Free on June 11, 2020 at the National Incident Management System in Monrovia a recent, the county discharged all of its 22 coronavirus suspects along with one confirmed case he recovered from its precautionary observation center.

The second confirmed case appeared to be another setback to the Grand Kru county health team in the mist of the huge logistical constrain, just part of the continues gains made within the Grand kru county health center.

The Grand kru county CHO maintained that, the current confirm patient of coronavirus is in isolation receiving treatment, the others are quarantine.

Dr. Mentoe said, the current confirmed case was generated from a lady that lift from Wilsonville Nemiah and want to Maryland county to her children in June and spent about a week with child and then she got sick after she was taken to the Maryland, Pleebo health center where she short care, and when she got to the Pleebo health center, she was showing signs and symptoms of coronavirus.

The Grand kru CHO further that, the patient condition wasn’t improved and she was later taken to JJ Dickson hospital where she was awaiting her result after her specimen was collected but before her specimen result could come back on the June 27, she has died on June 22, 2020.

“So immediately the Maryland county health team through the Maryland county CHO informed the Grand kru county health authorities that, the case came from Grand Kru County Wilsonville Trehn statutory district. So that how we went in and did our surveyed activities, by collecting all of the hard risks, she said.”

Meanwhile, according to the Grand kru county health officer, the numbers of contacts that was collected from Wilsonville was 27, 13 hard risks and 17 low risks. She said, all were quarantined including the current positive case.

She further that, they were separated into both hard and low risks, but the hard risks were all together 18 that was sent to the lap in Monrovia but out of the 18 simple, they were able to get 14 of them results, one was tested positive.

Dr. Shana Mentoe revealed that, the Grand kru county health system is seriously challenge in terms of providing regular means [food, money] for the current positive case and those contacts undergoing quarantine in the county. She is therefore calling on the central government, Grand kru legislative caucus including the county authority to again help the county health team in the fight against COVID-19.

Meaanwhile, the Grand Kru CHO is calling on all citizens and residents of the County to observe all preventive measures by been more serious in the fight against the virus.

The Grand kru county Health officer is urging the citizens and residents of Grand kru to wear masks, practice social distancing and wash their hands regularly. The Grand kru county CHO made the disclosure in an interview with GNN Grand kru correspondent via phone call Friday, July 10, 2020.

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