LDEA Officers Reportedly Arrest And Detain Journalist For Doing His Job

From Musa Moore Sherman |GNN Correspondent | Nimba County |

LDEA officers manhandling a journalists in Ganta

Officers of the Liberia Drugs Enforcement Agency (LDEA) assigned in Ganta, Nimba County last Thursday, July 9, 2020, have reportedly arrested and detained a reporter of Hot FM Radio in Ganta for allegedly taken photos during an arrest of a motorcyclist who was carrying gasoline around the vicinity of the LDEA office.

Speaking to GNN in Ganta, Max Richard Jr., the victim said while he was walking around the Civil Compound, he saw a huge crowd witnessing the arrest of a gasoline seller by some LDEA officers, this he said drew his attention as a journalist, and wanted to know what led to the arrest of the gasoline.

Journalist Richard said while making an attempt to found out what led to the arrest of the motorcyclist and the gasoline, the LDEA refuse to answer to his inquiry, this he said led to him to photograph the officers and the motorcyclist with the gasoline.

He alleged while in that process, some officers of the LDEA aggressively decided to take his camera and begin to beat on him, threatening him that he will spend his night in jail for his actions; taken photos without been authorized, this he said led to his colleagues (Journalists) to come to his rescue, including a local magistrate who ordered the release his release from the cell. Journalist Richards also alleged that his gadgets that were taken away from him by the LDEA officers are yet to be returned.

GNN Correspondent in the County said this is not the first time that offers of the LDEA have attacked journalists in said manner, noting that it can be recorded in April of this year journalist Solomon Gaye of the Inquirer Newspaper was ill-treated by those very officers.

When GNN Correspondent contacted the Regional Coordinator of the Press Union of Liberia in Nimba, Bong and Lofa Counties, Mr. Joseph Kerkula said they are going to intervene and establish the fact surrounding the journalist confinement.

Meanwhile authority of the LDEA assigned in the County said it will not take the  matter likely with the journalist because they do not know the intend of what his actions was by taking photos on their operations.

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