GNN-Liberia Gets Int’l Contributor In Japan, A Doctor Of Philosophy

Mr. Xiaochen Su

GNN-Liberia, one of Liberia’s widely browse online platforms is by the day getting professional people from around the globe who have expressed interest in becoming contribution for its news fielders, the latest is Xiaochen Su, the founder and Managing Director of  Study Abroad Research Institute (SARI) with the aim of helping Students Acquire a Global Education.

He is Doctor of Philosophy, the University of Tokyo (Japan), Master of Science, London School of Economics (UK), and Bachelor of Arts, Yale University (US).

In his email dated on December 11, 2020 to the CEO of GNN-Liberia, Joel Cholo Brooks, Su said,” My name is Xiaochen Su, from the Study Abroad Research Institute (SARI), a non-profit organization based in Tokyo, Japan. I am contacting you to see whether it is possible to feature SARI in an article on GNN Liberia. SARI provides young people across the world, especially in Liberia, information on study abroad opportunities in Japan, so that they can continue their higher education here to prepare for an international career after graduation. In the past few weeks, we have been contacting several universities in Liberia to schedule video presentations to their students to directly tell them about the benefits of studying and working in Japan”, Su communication to the GNN Liberia added.

Su having grown up in mainland China, Japan, and the US, Xiaochen Su spent his whole life living and studying abroad. While leading the creation of new microfinance and retail operations in rural Tanzania for the US-based nonprofit One Acre Fund, he saw face to face the need to provide better access to global education for talented local youths.

Prior to founding SARI, Xiaochen was completing his Ph.D. research on the Chinese migrant community in the Russian Far East. He was also previously involved in international business development and market analyses for the multinational e-commerce firm Lazada Group in Malaysia and the Philippines, as well as for the internet conglomerate Rakuten in Japan,” Mr. Su profile added.

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