GNN Reporter in Maryland who and others were told to quarantine themselves by Health Authorities Complain of Abandonment

E. Varney Kamah, GNN Maryland County Correspondent

“Since we came back from River gee County where both River gee and Maryland Counties officials met alone with the Minister of Internal Affairs, Varney Sirleaf to settle the long standing land dispute, and the pronouncement made by health authorities that the Superintendent, Philip Nyenue of River gee was confirmed positive of the virus and  quarantined. Since our retuned from River gee, and I was told to quarantine myself at my resident no health worker has visited me to know how I am feeling, I am indeed disappointed,” words of Varney Kamah, GNN Correspondent in Maryland County who spoke via mobile phone today explaining his ordeal.

Kamah said it is unfortunate for health workers  who said are aware of his plight are paying what he called ‘Don’t care attitude’ towards his healthcare after he was told to quarantine himself in Harper City, Maryland County and will be catered to the following day, but noted since than nobody has gone to see or check on him.

He said been quarantined for almost a week now without food has been a serious challenge to him, and further called on humanitarian organizations in the County to come to his rescue with food and other needed items as he awaits a team of authorities in the country who promised to do a periodic visit at his residence to check on him.

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