Ghanaian Businessman Has Becomes A Twofaced Investor In Liberia?

Business mogul Sir Sam Jonah (Photo credit: Modern Ghana)

A month-long investigation has established that a Ghanaian businessman, Sam Jonah has allegedly obtained a BHP Billiton Concession through a reported ‘deception and bribery’.

Liberian iron ore interests of diversified major BHP Billiton was acquired in 2015 by Cavalla Resources, a wholly-owned subsidiary of investment holding company Jonah Capital, a private company with a portfolio of assets primarily in mineral resource sector in sub-Saharan Africa and owned by business mogul Sam Jonah.

But, multiple sources at the Ministry of Mines and Energy alleged that Mr. Jonah illegally acquired the concession under the table.

“When EBOLA hit and the Australian steel giant, BHP Billiton was in a haste to leave Liberia, Sam Jonah paid bribes and lined the pockets of unscrupulous government officials from the Sirleaf era to secure BHP Billiton’s assets,” one source told journalists.

He described Mr. Jonah as a ‘greedy investor’ sitting on Liberia’s resources without any tangible benefit to the country and its people.

Another source alleged that Mr. Jonah is controlling iron ore and other strategic natural resources in Liberia worth billions of dollars.

The source emphasized that Mr. Jonah got a concession in Liberia through ‘deception and bribery’.

Another source at the Ministry alleged that the businessman is sitting on key assets of Liberia and preventing development in the sector because of greed.

“We are professionals, so we can’t come out in the open about these matters but this is wrong and Liberia is losing billions because of this greedy guy who paid peanuts in bribes to acquire key reserves and now will not allow serious investors with the financial capacity and know-how to develop the areas,” our sources at the Ministry of Mines and Energy.

They also alleged that there are some people in Liberia shielding and enabling this unscrupulous businessman who is undermining Liberia’s mining sector development.

“Just ask him to show evidence of a dime that he has invested in Cavalla Resources asset in Grand Bassa County,” the sources added.

Continuing, the source alleged that “this man is very corrupt and getting away with robbery, because he is giving people peanuts around here. He cannot show audited expenditure showing actual investment he has made in the development of the site in Bassa County.”

However, this paper was unable to independently verify the claims, as it was unable to get to Mr. Jonah.

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