Gedetarbo Magisterial Court Assigned Bailiff, Joseph Ponpon Arrested For Alleged ‘Gang Rape’

From Varney Kamah In Maryland County

An assigned bailiff at the Gedetarbo Magisterial Court in Pleebo, Maryland County has been arrested by police and charged or his alleged involvement in a reported gang rape.

According to GNN Correspondent in the county,  Joseph Ponpon, 37, was arrested, investigated and charge with gang rape in keeping with section 14.73 of new penal code law of the Republic of Liberia.

According to the report, Ponpon has alleged to have raped a 13-year-old Minor in y October, 2022 at the Zone 8 community, in the Pleebo district.

According to police charge sheet the alleged perpetrator visited his neighbor Alphonso Togba, when he came across the victim expressing his feelings of having an affair with her, but the victim reportedly refused.

Despite of the victim’s refusal, the accused, Alphonso Togba went ahead to make love with her, however, Police charge sheet also quoted the victim and family members who alleged that the perpetrator and his friend, Alphonso Togba in early October 2022 invited the survivor to Ponpon’s residence where he allegedly committed the act.

Police charge sheet also revealed that the alleged perpetrator Joseph Ponpon gave the survivor a Cell phone with Three Thousand Liberian Dollars asking her not to tell anyone about the act committed by him.

According to Police charge sheet from the Women and Social Protection Section of the Liberia National Police in Pleebo, the medical reports from the Pleebo health center has proven that the girl was sexually tempered with by Ponpon.

Meanwhile Police charge indicated that the alleged perpetrator Joseph Ponpon denied all allegation against him stating that he did not commit such act levied against him by the lady.

The police have charged both Ponpon and his friend, Alphonso Togba with gang rape, due to his alleged involvement in the aiding of Ponpon to commit such ugly act.

The victim is however, undergoing medical treatments at the Pleebo Health Center.

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