Some 12th graders of the Dolokelen Gboveh Senior High School in Gbarnga, Bong County.

Gboveh High School Students Praise AML’s Information Sharing, Express Interest in Community Development Programs

Over the weekend, ArcelorMittal-Liberia (AML) partnered with Africa Development Management Associates (ADMA) to conduct an awareness and information-sharing session at Dolokelen Gboveh Senior High School in Gbarnga, Bong County. The event, which took place last Thursday, saw more than 400 senior students, and over 10 administrators and teachers in attendance.

The engagement which was held at the Gboveh High School auditorium provided valuable insights into AML’s ongoing activities in host communities and unveiled its ambitious Phase-II Expansion Plan.

Gboveh High School Students listen to AML on formation sharing in their school’s auditorium

Gboveh High School Dean of Students Affairs, Michell Sekpah, expressed gratitude, stated:  “We are out of words, though we are not surprised when it comes to ArcelorMittal-Liberia’s many contributions here in Bong, Nimba, Grand Bassa, and Liberia”.

He added: “Getting involved directly with our school in this time of need through Africa Development Management Associates excites us and all we can say is, thank you to AML”

After a presentation of AML’s mining and logistics operations in Libera and its accompanying benefits, the students asked valuable questions on how they could benefit from the company’s education empowerment programs upon completion of their studies.

The students at Dolokelen Gboveh Senior High School were not only recipients of information about AML’s activities but were also pleasantly surprised to have received an appreciation package from AML and ADMA for their upcoming Senior Class Project.

This generous gesture from AML, the ADMA team said shows commitment to supporting education in Liberia and that ArcelorMittal Liberia anticipates more of such engagement.

Samuel G. Tokpah, the leader of the 12th-grade class who received the appreciation package, expressed his excitement and gratitude, emphasizing that the funding came at a crucial time when they were grappling with project fees.

He lauded AML and urged the company to continue its commendable work in the community saying Liberia needs more companies like AML.

Gboveh High School Principal, P. Harvey Willie Jr, seized the moment and commended AML for providing training opportunities for his brother while acknowledging the company’s support for the entire 12th-grader class project.

He highlighted the challenges senior students face in obtaining project fees and praised AML for underwriting the cost of this year’s class project through a day-long partnership that creates a significant impact he believes will be remembered in history.

The five-day partnership pilot project, initiated in Nimba with J. W. Pearson High School Senior students, concluded with Bassa High School Senior Students in the Port City of Buchanan on Friday.

Bong County is one of three counties affected by AML’s operations and it benefits half a million in county social development from ArcelorMittal Liberia each year in addition to other social development programs.

A least 1,200 students benefited from relevant AML-branded T-shirts and stickers that not only support education but also enhance AML’s visibility through the provision of factual information about AML’s activities and the associated benefits.

ADMA said it is hopeful that the impact is of is will be evident, demonstrating that strategic partnerships can bring about positive change and contribute to the holistic development of AML’s host communities

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