Gasoline Price Hike May Lead To Major Nationwide Protest

GNN has independently gathered that following the release of a new price of gasoline on the Liberian market seems to trigger another crisis amongst commuters and vehicles owners which may subsequently lead to serious nationwide protest.

Few days’ ago, gasoline shortage hit the city of Monrovia and its environs when local retailers of the products unilaterally increase the price of gasoline in Monrovia when many of them hauled the product without actual, while others sold it at over One Thousand Five Hundred Liberian Dollar per gallon instead of the regular price of Five Hundred and Eighty Liberian Dollars.

With this, the Ministry of Commerce and Industry late yesterday evening issued a statement increasing the price to Eight Hundred and Seven Five Liberian Dollars , a situation that seems to anger many Liberians who are arguing that with this new price of gasoline by the both the Ministry of Commerce and Industry and the Liberia Petroleum Refining Company (LPRC) will be a serious crisis, noting that prior to the crisis between Russia and Ukraine the product has been here, and wondering while should now the price be increased.

Some car owners and commuters who spoke to the GNN wondered as to what yard stick was used by both the Commerce Ministry and the LPRC used to increase the price of gasoline on the Liberian market, when in fact the product in quest has been in the country for over months before the crisis between Russia and Ukraine, “It is unbelievable to hear that the price of the product.

However, source closed to the GNN has revealed that at the look of thins, which has featured hike in the price of gasoline, protest is in the making by both commuters and cars owners.

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