Gas Crisis Still Remains, Despite Arrival Of Several Tankers From Freetown

Photo credit: FPA

GNN investigation  gathered today has revealed that filling stations around Monrovia and its environs still overcrowded with hundreds of vehicles, motorbikes and others who have queued as early as 9am this morning in anticipation of been the first to be served.

Yesterday, several tankers from neighboring Sierra Leone arrived in the country with gasoline from that sisterly country by one of the local suppliers, the Aminita Filling Station in Monrovia in order to ease the gasoline shortage crisis which has engulfed the country since three weeks ago; this situation has compelled many to have their vehicles parked awaiting the arrival of sufficient gasoline in the country.

Some analysts who spoke to the GNN on the issue of the arrival of the product in the country yesterday from neighboring country, Sierra Leone, have revealed that the arrival of insufficient gasoline in the country will not solve the current gasoline crisis, adding that prior to the crisis, an average monthly Consumption is being put  3,195,062.50 Gallons.

“The nearly 20 trucks which arrived in the country yesterday with the product from Sierra Leone will not be able to serve the public who in dare demand of the product; I doubt it, the amount of gallons on these truck that came in did not even half of the number of gallons that are in demand currently. The shortage of the product on the Liberian market will still lingers,” one of the analysts in an exclusive interview with the GNN disclosed.

Already some of those who appeared exhausted due to a long standing in the queue at one of the main filling stations in Monrovia, TOTAL Liberia questioned the sincerity of the Liberian government, especially the Managing Director of the Liberia Petroleum Refining Company (LPRC), and the Minister of Commerce & Industry, Professor Wilson K. Tarpeh, noting that these two officials of the government have deliberately refused to tell the Liberian people regarding the facts on the shortage of the product on the Liberian market.

Few days ago, the Minister of Information, Lenn Eugene Nagbe addressing journalists at the Ministry of Information regular press briefing bragged that in the next few days a huge consignment of gasoline will be arriving in the country to satisfy the public who have been craving for the product. But some observers who spoke to the GNN said they will not be convinced until the product arrives in the country.

Currently commercial drivers are over charging, with many them who are using fuel instead of gasoline are having party at the detriment of the Liberian people; Fifty Liberian Dollars distance is now Two Hundred Dollars, while those from outside the capital are paying triple of the amount that was previously been charged.

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