Madam Doris Idahor

“Free Work is The Price you Pay To Learn” -says Doris Idahor

An international  Planning, management, and development, and business management consultant Madam Doris Idahor, has admonished graduates of the Gonet Academy that  Once they  have work on their  CV, it becomes currency  that someone else will pay  them a good money to do similar work, because they value the competencies  they have developed.

Gonet Academy is an institution that operates under the auspices of Gonet Africa a non-governmental organization registered licensed by the Ministry of Education with the purposes to cultivate a new generation of creative and responsive leaders primarily focus hinges on the personal leadership of young people between the ages of 6 and 20 years.

Their work is based on the notion that young people are leaders in the here and now who only need to be provided the opportunity to hone their innate strengths and capabilities to influence positively in every sphere of life.

Madam Idahor told the graduates that throughout her career, she worked for free or at low cost to acquire specific skills that have later brought her thousands of dollars in income.

She encourage them to be sure to acquire the additional skills and competencies that will solidify employer confidence in their certificate.

“The second License you get from that certificate is that it empowers you to create your own future, even if you don’t immediately get employed and you can start a business with your Entrepreneurship course, and also you can provide freelance Project Proposal Writing and charge a fee for your service: she said.

According to her, they are forever empowered to earn money with their certificate if they use it well, by creatively coming up with ideas on how to convert it into cash.

“I remember some years ago when one contract ended and I was out of a job. I quickly went back to the drawing board and itemized the skills I had that I could monetize that exercise resulted in my choice to go into consultancy” she said.

Speaking she disclosed that, in the last few years, I have served all the major international organizations, many small companies, and individuals providing solutions at national, local and individual levels, she have earned thousands of dollars, employed people, and transformed lives, So, if they graduates fail that interview, they can create  their  own business and create jobs for others.

“The secret is to look for where people are struggling the most. What are the problems? Around you? Use your skill sets to solve them and you will get paid for it” she said.

She noted that,  even if  their  first service is free,  they should  not grumble, because  they will soon get paid so, while diplomas and certificates are symbols of  their  academic achievements, it is  their  character,  their  kindness, and your determination to solve the problems around you that will define your true success.


Serving as keynote at the Cohort 6 Graduation Ceremony of the Gonet Academy, Madam Idahor told the graduates to remember that true greatness lies not only in what they achieve for themselves but also in the positive impact they have on the lives of others.

“Now, I will be remiss if I do not tell you about the value of a well-planned career that many of you might just be starting your careers that some of you probably took the course to enhance your value as you progress in your career journey’ she said.

She noted that, these are signs that you generally have a plan. However, it is important to be deliberate about having a clear plan for your career direction and following that plan as best as they plan must be written down on paper and not in your brain.

For his part, the founder and chief executive officer Gonet Africa Mohammed Kerkular disclosed that his organization was founded in 2021, exposure to concepts of leadership will enable then demonstrate their skills through positive social action.

He said they believe to gain holistic behavioral and emotional mastery, the eco system for this primary target must be impacted positively.

Kerkular pointed out that, they have programs to support the young people, their parents, their schools and teachers achieved in a structured process for cultivating leadership, self-confidence and personal responsibility.

He said Gonet Africa partner organization, Lead Enrique International, has developed the African Leadership Toolkit (ALT), a leadership curriculum that inculcates in young people a spirit of good leadership skills and principles that will guide them throughout their lifetime.

He also said their programme meticulously enable students discover their innate potentials for effective leadership within their circle of influence

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